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Thankfully not something we have to do often and we at TWIGS realise that it can be a difficult task to choose flowers for the funeral of a loved one, relative or close friend.

We hope this information will guide you or if you can, come to visit us in the Shop. Sit down, have a cup of tea and browse through some ideas.

Closest family members usually decide on the main tribute to adorn the casket. Other relatives and friends may wish to choose flowers to compliment this. It is best to arrange delivery directly to the funeral director so that all the flowers can travel with the deceased on their final journey, but if you do not have this information, delivery to the house prior to the service or to the crematorium/place of worship, can be arranged.

Sometimes the family may have a request for specific flowers or a colour preference, so it may be advisable to check with them so that you can select a tribute accordingly. Alternatively, we can guide you if we have other arrangements to ensure that they are in keeping with family requests and that there is a nice mix of items.

Probably the most important thing to consider is the choice of colour. A mix of appropriate seasonal flowers, especially in Springtime, is a popular option. All whites are always classic and beautiful, whilst pinks, creams and lilacs are soft, delicate, feminine and pretty. Yellows are brighter, oranges are cheery and vibrant, as are hotter pinks. Reds are darker, but are generally used to express love and can be perfect for a stronger or masculine tribute. Purples or blues can be added to any of the above to create a more dramatic effect. We are often asked for very natural tributes for the garden or nature lover and a good mix of foliage with any colour choice can be used to create this look. Or in memory of a very vibrant character, you may wish to use a multi-coloured mix of flowers!

Of course it’s not necessary, but it is really nice for us to know a little bit about the person we are preparing flowers for, so please don’t hesitate to let us know any personal likes or dislikes - we are thinking about this when we work with your choice of flowers and we absolutely promise our utmost care and attention to detail when doing so.


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